Collagen is on everyone's lips, and we are glad that you share our interest in nature's pure, beauty promoting ingredients. We answer some of the most common questions below, and you are also welcome to call or write to us if you want to go even more in depth with our marine collagen from the icy and crystal clear water of the North Atlantic.

Why should I choose your collagen?

Our collagen is hydrolyzed marine collagen extracted from the skin from wild-caught cod from sustainable fishing. In addition to our pure collagen powder, COLLAGEN CLEAN PROTEIN, we have developed a number of different collagen mixtures with Nordic berries picked in their natural habitat, sustainably harvested seaweed and organic Danish kale, which contribute lots of natural flavors, colour and good vitamins. In our EXO Lab we have added active ingredients as an extra boost to your skin.

The molecular weight of collagen is crucial for how it is absorbed in the body. When we hydrolyze the collagen, it breaks down into tiny peptides of 3 kDa (kilodalton), which is the same as 3000 dalton. Typically, the molecular weight of collagen powders is between 2.5-6 kDa, depending on the type of hydrolysis process it has gone through.

The Vild Nord range consists of 11 different variants. All variants contain marine collagen as a base. We have put together the products so that they support your beauty - whether you want a quick boost to the skin, want to eat to support your health and beauty with nature's pure ingredients or want to build a strong body with extra proteins.

No. Our collagen contains 100 percent hydrolyzed marine collagen extracted from cod skin - no fish oil.

How should I take my collagen powder?

From our mid-20s our natural production of collagen begins to fall. However, all bodies are different and therefore it may be different when we feel the need for a supplement. A varied diet and healthy lifestyle can help maintain a better collagen production, while smoking and excessive sun exposure will reduce the formation of collagen.

We recommend 5-10 g marine collagen daily as needed. If you are only interested in covering your collagen needs we always recommend COLLAGEN CLEAN PROTEIN, which is our pure variant. However, together with other active ingredients, our collagen products becomes something more for you to enjoy. For example ingredients like vitamin C from berries that contribute to the body's own production of collagen; Wildly harvest seaweed, which with its high content of iodine also supports normal skin, and zinc that contributes to normal skin, hair and nails.

The collagen variants each consist of a number of ingredients that are carefully matched with each other, so that the individual product has the intended effect, consistency and portion size. Therefore, the content of collagen is also not 100 percent similar. In our EXO variants are the content of collagen e.g. Lower than 5 g, but in synergy with the other active ingredients, you get the intended effect, which thus does not depend solely on the collagen.

No, it doesn't matter. Collagen is easy to get into your daily routines because you can take it exactly when it suits you.

Yes, you can advantageously alternate between the variants, both over time, but also on the individual day - e.g. use CARE in the morning in a glass of water and COLLAGEN BEAUTY REMEDY In a healthy afternoon snack. That way you get both your daily collagen, a contribution to a varied diet and a good supplement of several vitamins and minerals. Just stick to one measuring spoon of each of your two selected products daily.

There is a custom measuring spoon with each product. The serving size depends on the product variant, both because recommended dosage varies and because the density of the powder varies. Eg. holds the spoon in COLLAGEN GOLD 5 g while the measuring spoon in COLLAGEN BEAUTY REMEDY Holds 7 g - this mixture also contains dried seaweed and berry powder from four different berries.

Our COLLAGEN CLEAN PROTEIN is heat resistant and can therefore be mixed in everything from coffee to porridge. The other products contain vitamin C, which loses part of its effect on heating. Collagen powder dissolves when it comes into contact with moisture or at temperatures above 25 degrees. Therefore we recommend that you store your Vild Nord product in a dry place, in a dense container away from direct sunlight and at a maximum of 25 degrees.

Is there anything special I need to be aware of?

There are no problems in consuming collagen when pregnant or breastfeeding. However, always be aware of your daily intake of iodine (found in our GOLD variants with seaweed) as well as vitamin A (found in the EXO-series GLOW variant). 1 measuring spoon of GOLD products correspond to 50 percent of recommended daily dose of iodine (%RI), while 1 measuring spoon GLOW gives you 75 percent of recommended daily dose of vitamin A (%RI). We generally recommend that you contact your doctor if you have special allergens or are in doubt.

Since collagen is a protein in itself, there are no problems associated with consuming larger quantities. However, since in our collagen mixtures we add other functional ingredients, vitamins and minerals, you should always follow the recommendations of the individual product.

Vild Nord products say that they may contain traces of crayfish and molluscs. It is aimed at people with allergies. The traces of seafood can come from the premises where the collagen is produced. In the same premises, products containing seafood are produced - and although it is not produced with the same equipment as our collagen, traces cannot be ruled out. Therefore, it is a factor to be aware of if you have severe allergies. If you are still in doubt, you can always contact your doctor and consult further.

In Denmark we have limit values ​​for the content of three heavy metals in fish products. The limit values ​​relate to cadmium, mercury and lead. If a product keeps within the limit values, the content of heavy metals does not pose a safety risk.

We have chosen cod as a source of our product, as it is not a larger predatory fish, which typically accumulates heavy metals. All the collagen is analyzed via third parties, so we always have a guarantee that the product does not exceed the limit values.