Dive into our many inspirational recipes and discover how your daily dose of collagen easily and quickly can become even more lovely - during a busy day, after a workout, on the brunch table or after a nice dinner.


Inspired by the French peach season and our own Nordic berries, our French ambassador, Juliet, has made a lovely juicy popsicle combination.

After a workout, it is important to supplement with both proteins and carbohydrates. This protein-rich chocolate cake for one person is perfect,If you want to enjoy something sweet with good conscience.

These protein-packed and gluten-free buns are a delicious to-go on busy weekdays.
They are super easy to make and can be frozen - and each bun contain your daily scoop of collagen!

Enjoy the season's flavours with our fresh juices made of local carrots, beets and celery.

Do you follow the seasons when it comes to your diet? What could be more tempting and practical than new carrots which are rich in beta-carotene and which are in season in the autumn months?

We love the simple recipes that are perfect for breakfast, lunch or at any time you want something healthy and tasty.

Pamper yourself with the autumn's pure essence with our lovely homemade apple juice!

Now is the perfect time to enjoy freshly picked carrots, and what better way to do it than with our protein-rich bars that also satisfy your sweet tooth?

Make our Blueberry Marine Collagen Baked Oats your go-to choice on the journey towards healthy habits.

This lovely raspberry limonade combines the lively taste of fresh raspberries with the extra goodness of our Collagen Beauty Remedy,...

Have you ever tried to make a lovely three-layer cream? We have just done that and all we can say...

When cherries start to get ripe throughout the Nordic countries, it's the perfect time to pamper yourself with a delicious...

Want to start the day with lemon water? Our collagen ice cubes are refreshing and delicious to have in the freezer.

Enjoy guilt-free goodness with collagen, yogurt and berries on hot summer days.

Why not eat you yourself pretty? Try this crispy fish skin recipe - it's a game changer for special days...

It is important for the skin and body to drink water all day, and with our collagen ice cubes you can turn hydration into an exciting and tasty experience.

Whether you're looking for a quick snack or a satisfying meal after exercise, these bars are absolutely perfect.

How about trying fantastic pink pancakes, which, in addition to tasting great with blackcurrants, also give you your daily dose of collagen and vitamins thanks to COLLAGEN IMMUNE REMEDY?

We have put together a recipe for a delicious smoothie that will give you back your energy.

This lovely smoothie recipe contains ingredients that can help relieve nausea and soothe the stomach.

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